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As this is a “professional” blog, I thought it important to mention that I am declaring a second major: computer science.

For clarification, there IS a difference between computer science and computer engineering. Computer engineering is basically electrical engineering with a focus on computers, while computer science is much more software oriented, leaning further towards software engineering and networking. They obviously have multiple overlaps in curriculum, but for the most part have a large portion of exclusive classes and topics.

I should probably explain the reasons for my decision; there are essentially two:

First, I find the classes I have taken in computer science very interesting and simply cannot imagine stopping here. When you have a passion for a subject, it’s hard to just let that go.

Second, I do not entirely agree with the notion that these should be two separate majors at all. Maybe it’s the Jesuit education getting to me, but I have a strong feeling that I cannot just learn about one part of my field, which is exactly what computer engineering is. It leaves out some very important parts of the field of computers and technology, as does computer science, either for the purpose of finding a very specific focus or possibly because of some misguided idea that students cannot take all the classes necessary. I fundamentally disagree and argue that an understanding of the WHOLE picture is extremely important to any field, especially one that is changing as quickly as computer science/engineering, and one that is so heavily design and production oriented. For the sake of my own opinion on the matter, I like to think of myself as not actually double majoring. I am simply majoring in computer studies.


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