Bytes and Beats: A Strumming Engineer

Engineering and Jamming

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This far into my blog, I think I should mention what experience I have to be talking about subjects like computer science and computer engineering. I am a freshman at Saint Louis University, and have therefore not gotten too far into the specific curriculum for computer engineering classes. I have, however, taken extensive mathematics (to Differential Equations), and am currently enrolled in Data Structures, a C++ programming class with an emphasis on algorithms and data control structures.

I believe that my experience in these subjects has helped shape my process for logical thinking, as I think it should for anyone interested in programming and computer architecture and design. Computing machines are based upon certain ideas of logic and process, so it is outright necessary to be able to think in this fashion; an organized, goal-oriented manner. I suspect that it is not only helpful in programming and design but also in the workplace as a tool to accomplish goals efficiently.


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Fourth Post: Other Blogs

Upon looking at the other blog in English 400, I noticed that there is a huge diversity of topics just in the realm of the engineering blogs. There are very technical ones, such as “Engineering UAVs”, which includes walk-throughs of (admittedly pretty impressive) projects that the author has been working on. When I read this one I feel like I’m learning huge amounts about engineering itself. Then there are other styles, as seen in posts on “Electric Ladies”, which refer primarily or secondarily to the theme of the blog: minority women in engineering. These posts have no technical jargon, but are also probably on more useful topics to non-engineers than the more technical posts.

Though I’m not much of a handyman, I admire the “UAVs” blog posts for the engineering savvy that is quite obviously apparent in his posts. I recently used Eagle for my ECE class and was interested in seeing a more practical use for it (outside of little school projects). The posts I read made me anxious to find out whats in store for the rest of my engineering education.