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The Blogging So Far

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So far, my blogging experience has simply been two posts about topics that were on my mind at the moment, which happened to be somewhat related tot he themes of this blog. But it isn’t just a little school assignment; rather it has become a way for me to compose and organize my thoughts in possibly productive manner on a weekly basis. Even if I may have to search for a topic in the future, this will prove to have a positive effect on my ability to express ideas on the subjects I am most knowledgeable about.

In the process, I have also come across some other blogs (by professionals) that I find interesting. One such blog is written by Terry Tao, a mathematician at UCLA. Though most of the mathematics is graduate level and either entirely over my head or otherwise intimidatingly brilliant, the posts that I can read are extremely interesting and may make me want to take out a pen and paper and work it out, like this puzzle prompt. In this way my blogging experience has expanded my knowledge of relevant fields, and has thus been intellectually productive as well as its obvious purpose as a writing exercise.


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